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"An ingenious premise that Grigsby delivers on with intelligence and style. SMOKE EATERS is a treat!"

New York Times bestseller Jason M. Hough


“This smoking debut is a shot of adrenaline ... Grigsby’s knowledge of fire fighting combined with hot dragon action and blistering humor create an irresistible romp of a read.”

-Jaye Wells, USA Today Bestselling author of the Prospero’s War series 


“I’ve been waiting for a book like this for years. Original, exciting, Smoke Eaters is a red-hot page-turner.”

-Adam Christopher, author of Empire State and Made to Kill


"Smoke Eaters has terrific dragons, and a hero with some miles and experience on him, plus great writing and a wicked sense of humor. I flew through it.”

-Alex Bledsoe, author of The Hum and the Shiver and Burn Me Deadly


"You’ve got advanced robotics and undead ghosts and firefighters in jetpacks wielding laser-swords. It’s EPICLY nuts, and I absolutely loved it."

-Peter McLean, author of Drake


"Sean Grigsby has conceived what promises to be a brilliant and harrowing series. Dragons have returned, bringing fire, revenant spirits and ash in their wake. Cole Brannigan, a grizzled no nonsense  fire-fighter, is there to stand in their way. Profane and exhilarating, filled with unforgettable characters and scorching action, Smoke Eaters is an amazing mix of adventure, fantasy, and science-fiction. Grigsby is an electrifying new voice sounding out over the wraith-haunted land."

- John Hornor Jacobs, Award-winning author of Southern Gods and The Incorruptibles



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